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Forex Trading (2nd Attempt)

I traded Forex in the year 2012, but after loosing US$100, I stopped (and continue trading with stocks) and just returned/traded back in this year.  But due to my foolishness, … Continue reading

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Get HBA’s WWN Info

Tonight, I’m posting my past recollection on how I’m able to get the information I need. [root@victoria scsi]# lspci | grep -i fibre 05:00.0 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. ISP8324-based 16Gb … Continue reading

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Kill session/terminal in AIX

There was a time that I needed to kill my own session due to some hung process/script and obviously this is quite handy. AIX dkpsap55 1 7 00C2D4277D00 $ sudo … Continue reading

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NetBackup Status Code: 59

[Problem] According to Veritas article, TECH18551 “A status code of 59 commonly occurs when the client does not have the NetBackup master or media server properly defined in the /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf … Continue reading

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Reset login counter in AIX

Unable to login due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. AIX Version 6 Copyright IBM Corporation, 1982, 2014. Console login: mmond mmond’s Password: There have been too many unsuccessful login attempts; please … Continue reading

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Storage Migration for VCS I/O Fencing

Okay, I’m going to post here the steps I did when I received a request from our Backup Team asking to migrate I/O Fencing disks from VMAX3 to VNX. These steps … Continue reading

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diagmond[1973]: Exit due to system port failure

Posting this as I received an alarm yesterday.  Tried manually starting it but still the same (see twice the error being logged) [saturn:mmond]/var/adm/syslog # uname -a HP-UX pacaya B.11.23 U … Continue reading

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